• Colour: Clear, Black.
  • Size: Handy size. / 100mm x 150m
  • Protects Fragile Items: Provides a cushioning layer to safeguard delicate and fragile items.
  • Puncture Resistant: Designed to resist punctures,remain intact and secure, even in challenging conditions.
  • Wide Use: Mini Handy Wraps are suitable for a range of applications, making them a valuable addition to your packaging solutions.
  • Bundling: An excellent choice for bundling and securing items together, these wraps offer a dependable solution for various bundling needs.
Mini Handy Wraps
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3x3x5 - Small General purpose - Clear 100mm x 150m 17mu 250g 30% recycled content
3x3x5 - Small
40 3200
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3x3x5 - Small General purpose - Black 100mm x 150m 17mu 250g 30% recycled content
3x3x5 - Small
40 3200
£26.69 66.73p £25.32 63.30p £24.49 61.23p £24.11 60.28p £23.74 59.35p £23.37 58.43p £23.01 57.53p £22.65 56.63p
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Mini Handy Wraps

Our Mini Pallet Cling Wraps are ideal for warehouses, receiving docks, and other shipping or storage areas. Although it is primarily designed to store and transport intact items. Additionally, it provides a smooth surface for securing shipping labels, documents, and other information without damaging the boxes. The material we use for our Stretch Wrap is linear low-density polyethylene, which is very strong. In transit, it keeps your products, luggage, and anything else you may use safely. You can also rest assured that your products won’t get wet since this Stretch Film is waterproof and tear-resistant!

  • Width: 100mm
  • Thickness: 17mu
  • Color: Clear / Black
Product Features:
  • Protects Fragile Items

    Our Mini Handy Wrap is specially designed to protect pallets, furniture, tools, and more. Further more, The strong material of this Pallet wrap will prevent items from tearing or breaking while being used, so that items can be moved efficiently and quickly. Toughness, not easily punctured or broken during packing.

  • Puncture Resistant

    We manufacture strong stretch wrap Cling Film that encases and protects your items without puncturing corners or irregular shapes. In addition to protecting products from moisture, dirt, and scratches, stretch wrapping keeps them visible. During distribution, it also prevents buckets and boxes of liquids, such as paint, from accidentally opening.

  • Wide Use

    Our Pallet Stretch wrap is highly useful for shipping and storage areas, warehouses, and receiving docks. It provides a smooth surface for shipping labels, documents, and other pertinent information to be secure without damaging the box during storage and transportation.

  • Bundling

    Firstly, It is possible to use loose product wraps or bundling/banding as a way to manage inventory, and sell, or transport loose products. Furthermore, It is often used to bundle tubing, rods, and dowels, as well as small items, into larger units.

    stretch wrap is one of the most useful and versatile materials in the packaging industry. There are a number of uses for a stretch wrap, including:

    • Transport loads securely to prevent shifting.

    • Protect products from moisture, dirt, and dust.

    • Reduced theft and tampering.

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Mini Handy Wraps

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