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Pre-Stretch Wraps
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3x3x5 - Small Pre Stretch Wrap Extended Core 400mm x 600m 7mu 1.50kg 30% Recycled Material
3x3x5 - Small
6 360
£20.71 £3.45 £19.33 £3.22 £18.51 £3.09 £18.22 £3.04 £17.94 £2.99 £17.66 £2.94 £17.38 £2.90 £17.11 £2.85
£3.452 Buy
3x3x5 - Small Pre Stretch Wrap Flush Core 400mm x 600m 7mu 1.50kg 30% Recycled Material
3x3x5 - Small
6 360
£20.71 £3.45 £19.33 £3.22 £18.51 £3.09 £18.22 £3.04 £17.94 £2.99 £17.66 £2.94 £17.38 £2.90 £17.11 £2.85
£3.452 Buy

This high-performance Pre-Stretch Film provides strong resistance to puncturing. The hand wrap is very tacky and is suited to icy working environments, which also means it will stick in very dusty working areas. Our construction shrink wrap also provides a good level of transparency, allowing labels or barcodes to be easily read and at the same time is great for concealing your items after wrapping.


Color: Clear/Transparent
Core: Standard core/Extended core
Width: 400mm/500mm
Film Type: Cast (Tacky)
Thickness: 7mu
Content: 30% Recycled Material

Our products consistently meet your quality standards. We offer a variety of sizes and colors: Black, Clear, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow in pallet wraps.

If you require larger quantities than what is displayed above,. Please call 01164822281 for a bulk order discount.

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Pre-Stretch Wraps

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